“Returning out of state client,
I wanted to take the time to write a review on the services (credit repair, income tax) that I received from My Divine Wealth Services.

Credit Repair
In all cases, I am hesitant to entrust sensitive information such as my social security number, driver’s license number, home address, bank information etc. to a company that I cannot reach out and physically touch. However, upon meeting Delta one time in face-to-face setting, I knew that she was trustworthy, extremely knowledgable, and driven to take me to the next step on my credit journey. Although my credit score was considered good (700s), I wanted to significantly increase my score to buy a house and truck. After Delta worked her magic, my credit score shot up to the 800s, which made me eligible for INCREDIBLY low interest rates! Thus, the amount of money that I have saved and will continue to save far exceeds her required fees.

Income Tax
In the subsequent years, I have sought out My Divine Wealth Services to prepare my income taxes for the last two years and have also referred her to others (who live out of state) for credit repair/income tax.

I could not write this review without talking about who Delta is as a person. Delta has a spirit of kindness, her patience and diligence are evident with each business transaction, and she educated you on how to gain financial wealth. So, if you are looking for a person who you can trust and who has an incredible work ethic, hire My Divine Wealth Services, Delta will NOT disappoint!


-Dr. Elaine Lloyd PhD, RN, ACNS-BC

“This is one of the best tax service I’ve worked for. Delta is very professional and knowledgeable. She is also kind and sweet and whenever I need help she provides the best assistance.”

-Ashanti Davis

“Very professional and I appreciated the expertise that Delta offered during my filing process. It made things much easier and took loads of stress off me as a new business owner.”

-Brandy Brown

“I highly recommend Divine Wealth Services. The tax academy and software is top tier. If you are interested in being your own boss in the tax industry Delta is the lady for the job. She is so helpful and hands on.”

-Chasidy Solomon

“I definitely highly recommend MyDivineWealthServices for doing taxes. Delta you the BEST!!”

-Chiquitta Reaves-Wallace

“I highly recommend their services. Just completed my audit last evening. We are moving forward with taking care of business. They are professional and knowledgable. Broke every thing down in a simple format. They respond consistently. I’m excited and happy to have them help me take full charge of my credit. So much information I did not know was given to me. I’m so grateful. Don’t just settle get a handle on your credit.”

-Sunshine Pow

“I recently purchased Mrs. Delta’s 40$ promotion for a full credit report outlining our credit and informative tips in regards of credit itself. I must say I’m very pleased with the service provided and we absolutely can not wait to see the changes to come for my husband and I credit.”

-Herbalist Jalonda

“Delta Mack is the bomb!! She developed the BYOB (Be Your Own Boss) Tax group and offered a Tax Academy to encourage individuals to open their own tax business. The education and tools provided along with the Facebook group has blessed me to “Be my own Boss” with the opening of Legacy Tax Solutions LLC. If you are interested in becoming a Tax Professional, look to Divine Services to help you.”

-LaShawnda Durham

“Delta is amazing. The opportunity she gave with the Divine Tax Academy is over & beyond the greatest opportunity. She has definitely given me the confidence & the knowledge to expand my brand. I appreciate her & Divine Wealth Services so much!”

-LaTasha LadyKash Ward-Brown

“I definitely recommend MyDivinewealthcareservices. It has helped my score tremendously. I no longer have bad credit. Not only has my score increased but now I fully understand how to keep my credit score where it needs to be. I also received stellar tax assistance.”

-Mannushkah A Remy

“Very informative, Efficient and the set up was literally user friendly! Will be back most important you can get multiple services done!”

-Zari Jenkins

“Excellent company! I just began the credit repair service and in 4 weeks my credit score increased by 59 points.. On my way to the 800 club thanks to Delta! Great way to invest in yourself and your future!”

-Rachel Givens

“I appreciate MyDivineWealthServices for helping repair my credit. I didn’t know anything about credit repair, including what to look for on my report. Not only did they help fix my credit, but they taught me what items to pay attention to and how to get things removed. I am forever grateful for all of the hardwork MDWS put forward to help me obtain the credit score I needed to purchases a new car.”

-Justina Jefferson

“Very professional and I appreciated the expertise that Delta offered during my filing process. It made things much easier and took loads of stress off me as a new business owner.”

-Brandy Brown

“It was a pleasure working with Delta on my credit issues. She was non-judgmental, helpful and took the time to help me understand why my credit score was not moving in the right direction. I would definitely recommend Delta and My Divine Wealth!”

-Lakita Spann

“My Divine Wealth service is an incredible source of information. Not only tax preparation services but also financial education. I recommend this company because of their professionalism and customer service. Awesome!”

-Detra Davis

“MyDivineWealthService is the most passionate caring service that used this far; not only did she do my taxes in a timely manner, she also educated me on how to improve my credit score. I would tell anyone who is in need of any services to use MyDivineWealthService I Gurantee you will be satisfied on the knowledge and experience that she knows about preparing your credit and tax services.”

-Carolyn Daniels

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